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Nov 25, 2012 11:52 AM

Starbucks selling la Boulange pastries

It looks like la Boulange is providing pastries to Starbucks now. Wonder if there will be a decrease in quality

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  1. Given the mediocre quality of many of their current pastries, I think this'll be a huge improvement.

    1. Starbucks purchased La Boulange earlier this year.


      I am understanding the OP hopes that the La Boulange versions do not suffer in quality as they increase the scale of production for Starbucks.

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        I also would be concerned about potential introduction of "shelf life extending" chemicals to the products. From my time working in Starbucks, it was always gross to read how long the pastries could be kept. Items like scones that moved at a fairly brisk pace were always relatively fresh, but at the location where I worked, those cakes could really make the most of their 3 month shelf life.

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          Yes, I am curious as to the scalability of a local chain to take on production for a large national chain such as Starbucks.

        2. Update: I tried the tomato and cheese tart (they had one with cheese and ham crumbles and another variety I forget). The tomato cheese tart was a thin pastry square(like a croissant) that had tomato sauce under a slice of tomato and cheese on top. It was heated in one of their "ovens" to a mouth scalding temperature which rendered it a soggy, chewy, flappy mess of molten pastry/tomato/cheese that was then placed into one of their paper bags where it adhered itself firmly to one side. Overall underwhelming at $3.50 a pop. It seems these three offerings are specially made for Starbucks, they are not the same quality as anything I've ever eaten at Boulange.

          1. update: the third offering was a spinach and cheese on whole wheat. I read these were being test marketed locally before going national. I attached a pic if anyone is curious