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Nov 25, 2012 11:47 AM

Commercially Avail Veggie Chicken Products?

Hey Guys,

I have a restaurant in Chicago, and I was wondering if there were any commercially available veggie / soy based chicken products out there on the market. I'm looking for something that's veggie chicken that I can cut and break down myself and apply a breading to it. I don't want stuff that's already breaded. Something I can cut, bread and season myself. Any recommendations on companies which might have this type of product?



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  1. You might want to look into Beyond Meat. It's not available in my area yet but looks like it could be interesting.

    1. I'm in Alberta, Canada, and a local group of restaurants here uses this thing in a number of their dishes- I've had it in "chicken" salads, "chicken" pitas, etc. Great texture and adaptable to lots of flavours and preparations. My mom asked about it once, and I'm positive they said it comes from Schneiders (which I think is a division of Maple Leaf Foods?).

      1. Gardein has a couple of refrigerated items that probably would fit this bill...namely the "chick'n filets" or "chick'n strips". I really like their frozen far the most "chickeny" products we've found.

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          should be noted that gardein sells an orange chicken product.
          although the packaging looks almost identical,
          the stuff they sell in costco is not nearly as good as the stuff that they sell at whole foods.

          the costco stuff is like orange chicken made with chicken nuggets, the whole food stuff is like orange chicken made with lightly batter-dipped chicken.

        2. Definitely check out Gardein fresh products.

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          1. re: soytoy

            I agree. Gardein has the best mock chicken products out there.

          2. Quorn is my favorite chicken substitute. Their Naked Cutlets are as versatile as chicken cutlets.
            I visit Chi often and would be interested in knowing the name of your restaurant.