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Nov 25, 2012 11:44 AM

Mideastern restaurant in NE Philly

Help! Just moved to Northeast from downtown and desperate for some good food! Would especially like to find some Mideastern (Lebanese, Syrian, Greek, etc etc) restaurants for some vegetarian opions....good Chinese and sushi would also be appreciated. Hoping we don't have to always come into town for a good meal......... Don't have to be top notch, for that we'll drive a bit, but for an average weekday meal out, we haven't really found anything decent. Many thanks!

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  1. While I wouldnt call it a cuilinary wasteland it is not going to be a
    s easy to find good food without driving a bit, depending on where in the Northeast you are. I would recommend a few places:

    Juddahs Medineranean Grill - glatt kosher, good food.
    Steve Steins Deli (two other delis are not quite as good... Casino Deli and Jack's Deli)
    Taste Queen for chinese
    Szechuan East for chinese (Red Lion and Welsh if memory serves me)
    Michelangelos for Wood Fired Pizza and a Bacci court out back (bustleton south of comly)
    Three Monkeys Cafe by the Torresdale Train station.

    For unique beer experiences and basic pub food, Grey Lodge Pub on Frankford in Mayfair and Hop Angel at five points in Fox Chase are worth trying. They are owned by the same restaurant group.

    Personally I think your best bet for vegetarian options might be to go to Bensalem to one of a number of Indian restaurants. Thulasi is South Indian and going to be quite different than you Pak-Indian food and its predominantly vegetarian.

    For unique shopping experiences you have to try both Net Cost and Bells Market. The former is on Bustleton south of comly, the latter near Jacks Deli in the Bells Corners area.

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      +1 Stein's Famous Deli.
      For sushi try Makiman at Five Points if it's not too far.
      If it's not too far you can try La Pergola in Jenkintown for Mediterranean with an Israeli bent (has some Ashkanazi dishes). I haven't been there in years but it was solid.

    2. I used to work near NE airport and found this place...

      1. Northeast is so big, a little more specifics about location might help. We like the Shish-Kabob Palace on Grant, though it is pretty meat-focused. This isn't far from Judah's, mentioned below. For kosher, vegetarian not too far away, there is Pita Pocket on Township Line Road in Elkins Park--a dumpy looking place, but good falafel and hummus.

        I second Taste Queen (right next to Steve Stein's deli) for pretty decent Chinese (not as good as Chinatown though). There are several Vietnamese places along Adams Ave. near the Boulevard.

        Bell's Market has a lot of fun prepared food, if you want to pick it up to take home.

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          Taste Queen has a virtue that is not obvious. They are so helpful with special orders. Several times I have ordered a couple of days ahead for 6 huge oysters and one lobster.

          Oysters were huge, and totally delish the way they were steamed.
          Lobster made the way you want it. Good soups. Reasonable
          considering the quality of what I kept ordering. Off the menu
          was fine also, but those oysters were super special. They went
          to the Chinese market for them, right before the day I was going
          to be there.

        2. Fuji-san at Roosevelt Blvd and Haldeman Ave is pretty good sushi

          1. Sakura on Street Road is good for Sushi.
            Have you tried Uzbekistan on Bustleton & Byberry? Awesome food.
            If you find a good Middleeastern place, do tell.