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Cheesesteak...Capriotti's or Phillys Best? This may start an interesting debate topic...I hope!

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Ive had both, Capriottis.com and eatphillysbest.com When it comes to Cheesesteak, I'll prefer Capriotti's over P.B. anyday. More bang for your buck!

What's your preference between the two, and why? Any other great cheesesteak sandwich shops in socal you'd like to share?

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  1. I find their turkey a bit dry and flavorless. Their bread is the weakest link though, not good at all. If I had to get a sandwich from them, it would be the with turkey and coleslaw...


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              +6 on Boo's.

              In addition, the cheesesteak @ Beer Belly in Ktown, while not quite as good as Boo's, is pretty good (it's also a couple $'s more than Boo's). But when you add in the availability of some great craft beer to go along w/ your cheesesteak----it makes up the difference (at least to me). I'm not sure if they only offer the cheesesteaks on Saturday afternoons or if they've added it to their regular menu.

          1. Big Mike's.

            (Old topic is old ;-)

            1. What about Papa Jakes Sub Shop in BH? I am California born and bred, but theirs seem to be like the ones I've had at Pat's and Tony Luke's.

              1. Check out the South Philly Experience trucks. Often in West LA or Santa Monica or Grand Street downtown. Check out their locations on Twitter.

                1. My favorite westside Philly Cheesesteaks --

                  Big Mike's (El Segundo, Main Street) -- by far the biggest with the most meat. i get the 12" and half for lunch there and half taken home for dinner. good light onion rings with batter rather than breadcrumbs. cheesesteak could use more cheese, but like the sweet + hot peppers.

                  Philly West (Westwood Blvd. south of Santa Monica Blvd.) -- best cheap cheesesteak. divy sports bar. if you get fries order them welldone. also a very good cheeseburger -- flame-grilled, oblong shape served on a roll, order w/o or light mayo.

                  haven't tried Boo's yet. also like Philly's Best on Ventura in Encino.

                  1. I think a Big Mike's is supposed to open in the new construction at the corner of Sepulveda and Washington Blvd.

                    I don't like Capriotti's at all. The bread is bad and I think the meats are low quality.

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                      Sorry, I didn't finish. While not consistent, I like PW the best so far. The meat is very flavorful. The bread is soft, to soak up the juice. Never get red sauce on my Mushroom Cheesesteak with onions but I do use plenty of the mildly hot chiles they have. And I like their tuna hoagie and the freshly made egg salad hoagie.

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                        Assuming PW = Philly West. Yes, they include tomato sauce as a default on their cheesesteak, but I've never gotten it and I often don't mention leaving it off. Don't understand "inconsistent" as it is a single-cook kitchen that only rotates between a couple. Surprisingly good food all around for a small, divy bar. Note -- there is free parking around the back.