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Nov 25, 2012 11:05 AM

Chowhounds' Take on Capriottis Sandwich Shops?

I know they're franchised,so service and quality may vary from store to store. I'm from Socal, been to a few of them in Vegas area. Didn't know they were in Socal til recently! I've had the Bobbie, The meatball, the Italian and my favorite is their cheesesteak. Which in my honest opinion, is just as good, if not better than Phillys' Best.

Just because Capriottis doesn't use "Amoroso Rolls" like P.B. doesn't mean its not a good Cheeeseteak sandwich. When it comes to Cheesesteak, I'll take a Capriottis over a P.B. anyday! Price and portion hands down.

My question to my fellow hounds, Have you been to, where have you been, what did you order, what did you like?

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  1. I've had both the Capistrami, which is pastrami, cole slaw and russian dressing; and the Bobbie, filled with turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce and I've enjoyed both.

    I've only been to the Encino location. The parking in that area is scarce, and they charge you 2 bucks if you park in the underground lot in their strip mall. I found that to be annoying but otherwise a thumbs up on Captriottis for me.

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    1. Just one reply in 2 days? Well, I should count Dommy's reply, although it was placed in the wrong thread. I know more hounds than the 3 of us have eaten @ Caps. Share your pros/cons what/why.

      1. I feel like I should give the disclaimer that I live in Delaware so while Capriottis is still a chain in this area, its a local one. Im probably the only person in the area who doesn't like the Bobbie, but I love their turkey hoagie. It's fresh roasted turkey, they always use fresh lettuce and tomato and have this ridiculous vinegary, crushed hot red pepper spread that they use. I had it once and it quickly became my favorite turkey hoagie spot. There's also a Grilled Italian sandwich that is pretty fantastic. The Slaw Be Jo is also a killer sandwich.

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          Hey jessi -- what's your take on Capriotti's vs Casapulla's (any of them)? We go down to the DE beaches every summer and I'm not sure if we've tried Capriotti's, but we certainly like Casapulla's.

          Since we might end up retiring there, this is a very important issue. 8>D

          1. re: Bob W

            I've actually not yet tried Casapulla's, although I've heard really good things about their Italian hoagie. I really need to get there- if only for research purposes!

            Not sure what beaches you head to, but make sure that PoBoys in Milton is on your radar. Talk about a killer sandwich....

            1. re: jessicheese

              Thanks, we go to Lewes/Rehoboth.Dewey/Bethany/Fenwick. All depends on what dog-friendly rentals are available. The next tme we rent in Lewes we'll probably try PoBoys. I have heard mostly good things. Now, i have had some incredible poboys in New Orleans, so I will temper my expectations just a bit. But, I will expect the seafood to be perfectly cooked!

              The Italian at Casapulla's is the way to go!

        2. Capriotti's is a step above Subway. Does it make it a fantabulous sandwich? Not really. If I go there I like the Cole Turkey. But in LA, where I am, there are so many better options for lunch and sandwiches.

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          1. re: Mattapoisett in LA

            The thread had my interest until that comparison. "Step above Subway". What isn't?

            1. re: Clams047

              Yes, but it is only one step not five as you should be able to find elsewhere.

          2. I think Cap's is several steps above Subway -- much better ingredients, conscientious staff. They do a decent cheesesteak, but I really like the Bobbie, and their meatball sandwiches.