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"A Bite of China" Episodes online in English

After spending $40 for the boxed set (which includes a book which is all in Chinese), I discovered that all seven episodes of the landmark CCTV series "A Bite of China" are online and downloadable. They're hard to find on the website, so I complied a list of links to all seven. A must if you want to learn more about the food of China.

Episode 1: Gifts from nature

Episode 2: The story of staple foods

Episode 3: Inspiration for change

Episode 4: The taste of time

Episode 5: Secrets of the kitchen

Episode 6: A perfect blend of five flavors

Episode 7: Our Farm

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  1. Thanks so much for posting these links. Really great!

        1. Nice series, but the "production" feels a bit weird sometimes (I cannot put a finger on what exactly).


          1. zhen xie xie ni! really appreciate you posting this!

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            1. re: carlasue

              I 'bookmarked' each episode. I just tried the first two. Each one kept 'freezing' with a 'Buffering 6%' prompt.
              Any ideas?

              1. re: Puffin3

                Just tried a couple of other episodes and same problem. Looks like a great series though. Too bad.

                1. re: Puffin3

                  Fwiw, the links are working OK for me.
                  Maybe you'd have better luck another time or at a different time of day?

                  Unfortunately, it looks like they can't be downloaded for the time being, though it doesn't say why not.

            2. Thanks for posting...I'm looking forward to viewing the links.

              1. Thank you so much for finding and sharing these links! I caught a couple of episodes on CCTV's english doc channel while visiting China last year. Very well produced and informative series.

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                  After the 'buffering' problem in the links you put up I have successfully 'torrented' episode 1 and 2 so far. No 'buffering 6%'.
                  Guess what? The narrator was different! He is either Australian or a New Zealander! In episode 1 the young Chinese woman who picked the mushrooms was 'voiced over' in an young Australian woman's accent. The dialogue was exactly the same word for word though.
                  Excellent series. Thanks very much.