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Nov 25, 2012 10:52 AM

Solo lunch and dinner in nashville

Hi, I'm headed to nashville for 24 hours next weekend. I have time for one lunch and one dinner. Hoping to find some good, authentic country food joint for lunch and would love to do dinner somewhere that is one of the top restaurants in town. Price isn't an issue, neither is location. I'm just one person, but don't mind sitting at a table by myself (although if there is a great spot with bar dining, that works, too). I liked Arnold's for lunch, but seems they are not open on Saturdays. Also have read good things about City House. Any recs are appreciated!

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  1. Most of the meat & three type places are usually closed on Saturdays. I would suggest Swett's for cafeteria style meat & three or you could do hot chicken @ Hattie B's. There's also family style southern at Monell's. If you don't mind being seated at communal table, you'll have a great meal.

    I'll always recommend City House, but we've also got a handful of great new restaurants. In the same neighborhood as City House, you could try Silo or Rolf & Daughters. Both places are getting excellent reviews and press.

    For more fine dining you could try Etch in The Encore building downtown.

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      All excellent suggestions. Add to that list Capitol Grill in the Hermitage Hotel.

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        Thanks for the help! Ended up at 12 south taproom for lunch because I was in the neighborhood. Really enjoyed my pulled pork sandwich and the craft beer selection. I appreciate the suggestions and am going to try one of them tonight. Probably too late to ask, buy I assume Capitol Grill is not associated with the steakhouse chain, correct? Doesn't seem so from their website so I hope not.

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          That is correct. They're doing some really interesting things there. They've recently purchased some land west of the city to start their own farm to allow cattle to graze on.

          Talk about taking local to another level.