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Nov 25, 2012 10:43 AM

Parchment muffin tin liners?

Hi all. I have been buying parchment muffin tin liners from Summerhill Market for a while now, and they are absolutely wonderful (peel off the muffins without a single crumb sticking). Unfortunately, Summerhill doesn't seem to be carrying them anymore. Does anyone have any idea where else I might find these (ideally midtown-ish)?


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  1. I know they have them at Cayne's ( Not the location you're looking for, but if you're planning on ordering a Kitchen Aid or something... ;)

    1. I bought mine at Fiesta Farms. Can't go back to regular liners now!

      1. I bought some at a suburban Loblaws.

        1. Thanks all! I (or at least someone in my family) will likely end up at Cayne's to do some Christmas shopping, so I'll stock up then.