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Nov 25, 2012 10:18 AM

Freezing Turkey leftovers

Trying to figure out my options for saving the remainder of T-day leftovers. We have 1-2 more meals using the straight leftovers and will still have plenty left (imagine enough to do 2+ different meals that contain turkey).

The problem is I am not sure I want to prepare (or eat) all of these right now.

Can I go ahead and just freeze some of the turkey pieces (legs/wings) on the bone and then thaw and cook as needed for pot-pies/enchiladas etc? Or am I better off taking the meat off the bone?

Additionally, if I freeze/thaw and then prepare at a later date can I then refreeze the final meal? I pretty much always plan on doing this with stews/soups/casseroles.

(FWIW, we started with a fresh turkey).


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  1. Yes and Yes
    Along as you cook between thawing and refreezing it is safe to do so.

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      Great, thanks! Now I don't feel the pressure for another cooking marathon.