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Nov 25, 2012 10:12 AM

What's a good brand of instant espresso powder?

I have a number of cooking and baking recipes I'd like to try that call for instant espresso powder. Any suggestions as to the best brands for these types of applications (not for drinking) would be most appreciated. Thanks.

PS: Something somewhat readily available and not too, too expensive would be great. The Medaglia d'Oro instant espresso on Amazon works out to over $60/lb which seems insane to me, but maybe because of the small amounts used, 2 oz for $8 is not that bad?

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  1. the brand you have located and FERRARA are the two I use most
    One or the other is on the shelf at most supermarkets,I have never had a problem finding it when I need it.

    Cafe Bustelo makes an instant I've never tried
    Williams Sonoma labels one I don't care for
    King Arthur Flour has one I do like

    1. I use Medaglia d'Oro. Amazon's price is pretty high on that: it's 4.25 at, for instance. I pay about that at the grocery.

      1. Thanks, lcool and travelerjim. This is helpful.

        1. We have Pilon instant espresso powder. I only use it in baking, and like it just fine. Got it at the supermarket.

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            Pilon is the only one I've seen at local grocers here. Thanks, jmcarthur8, I'll give it a try.

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              It seems Pilon,Bustello and MedagliaD'oro are all under one roof.
              I've not seen Pilon,but with your info I surely try it and Bustello

            2. Holy moly on the Medaglia D'oro price! I can get the 2 oz bottle for $2.49 at the grocery store a block away (inland Southern California, city of 70K). I've used it in homemade iced coffee and it does a nice job, so I'm sure it would do just as well in baking.