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Nov 25, 2012 09:06 AM

Great Meatball Hero in Northern NJ?

Hi. I am new to the area and wondering in the land of a thousand mom and pop italian restaurants and pizzerias... are there any good meatball heros? I am finding most of these small restaurants make their meatballs hard as a rock and they are not moist on the inside.
I live near Paramus... but willing to travel a little bit.


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  1. I have not been to in years...and since the relocation to the new location, but Sanducci's in River Edge on Kinderkamack used to make their own and i found them to be pretty good when I used to go there....I believe they now have both a restaurant and take-out pizzeria available adjacent to each other.

    1. Haven't been to this pizzeria since the early 1970's but i always loved their meatball sandwiches,lol now i want one....
      there are still located at same location,charlies pizza on paterson avenue diag. across from shell gas station,in the area,check it out for yourself.

      1. Ken's Deli in Hillsdale makes a mean meatball hero. Great meatloaf, too!

        1. Pompilio's in Westwood. Italian touch in Washington Township on Pascack Road across from that strip mall w A&P and the movie theatre. I miss the food in the 201.