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Nov 25, 2012 08:57 AM

Just moved to San Lorenzo from SF, any recs?

Just moved to San Lorenzo from SF and wanted to get some recommendations. We eat all foods. Besides restaurants, how about coffee, ice cream, desert, bakeries, etc. etc.

Only places we know of so far are international blvd., downtown Davis Street. Have yet to venture out to Hayward. Guess there's probably "better" places in Fremont and Oakland, but don't really want to go that far since we have newborns.

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  1. I've eaten at only one place in San Lorenzo, R & D Cafe for Vietnamese, and I think you'll like it. The Filipino pizza place also sounds interesting.

    Long ago, I had some fresh rolls from My Tho.

    Nearby in San Leandro, I've enjoyed both Daimo and Chili Palace.

    This thread for Hayward might be of interest to you, and mentions a spot in San Lorenzo and one in San Leandro too.

    Congratulations on the newborns!