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Nov 25, 2012 08:39 AM

Graduation Dinner in Baltimore

Looking for a good place for a graduation dinner in May. So far we are thinking either Pabu or Woodberry Kitchen. For my sisters we did Petit Louis for graduation and were not impressed. Last year we went to Woodberry Kitchen for a big meal and also weren't too impressed, but we do think it is one of the better restaurants in Baltimore.

It will probably be around ten people for dinner, give or take. Doesn't have to be too fancy, and places like The Charleston are definitely too expensive. We are willing to travel for good food. Please let us know of anywhere you recommend!

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  1. I love Tio Pepe for this size crowd....they have small rooms that are semi-private and great for celebrations......get sangria and celebrate correctly!

    1. Pabu has a cool private room behind screens, amazing sakes, and some beautiful food. I'd certainly consider it.

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        Only caveat with Pabu is that it can get pricey--the sushi, sake and izakaya plates add up fast. Depending, it can add up to $100+ per person before you know it. You may want to discuss a set menu with them first.

      2. In no particuliar order
        Tio Pepe's
        Hull Street Blues
        Cafe Gia's
        La Scala
        Ryleighs Oyster Bar

        1. We went to Pabu to celebrate a special milestone, and I was not impressed. Other than paying big $s, it didn't feel like we were celebrating anything-- most people there were dressed super casually and it was VERY loud. I felt like I was in a hip bar, not a restaurant trying to celebrate something special. That being said, the food was very good...

          I like the Tios suggestion a lot. I'd also consider Dogwood. I find the food consistently good and really like supporting their social mission. If you like more standard Italian, I also think La Scala is a nice choice-- again consistently good food, plus nice atmosphere and excellent service. The Black Olive's Olive Room would also be lovely in May-- they have a great outdoor area that overlooks the water, and I've always enjoyed my meals there.