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Nov 25, 2012 08:16 AM

What happened to "The Lion and the Toucan"?

After reading some very good reviews for this place, I had a couple of really wonderful meals at a new restaurant in the east village this summer called "The Lion and the Toucan". The dishes were interesting and very well executed. I could wait to go back for more.
This weekend I went back. To say that I was disappointed is an understatement. Not only was it not good, it was bad, and one of my dishes was actually inedible. I wasn't surprised when the waiter informed me that the chef was recently replaced. Does anyone know where that chef went because that's the place I want to eat.

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  1. I looked up the opening chef's name via Google. A subsequent search for just his name pulled this up:

    JUSTIN FERTITTA, who was at the Toucan and the Lion, is the new chef at Arcane in the East Village.