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Nov 25, 2012 07:08 AM

Rhode Island Wedding Caterer Recs?

I am wondering if anyone can recommend a great caterer for a 150 person wedding in Rhode Island? Having great food is truly important to us. Any information would help. Has anyone had experience with:

- Pranzi

- Russel Morin

- Blackstone

- Glorious Affairs

- Tom's Market

Any and all feedback would be great. Thank you so much in advance.

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  1. Tom;s Market is just that a market
    IMO Blackstone or Russell Morin

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    1. re: Frank Terranova

      Thanks so much for the suggestions. Also, have you had any experiences with Plantation or McGrath Clambakes?

      1. re: zgold10

        I have not had either companies clambakes. Hopefully some one on here has had one. Check the menu's on Blackstone and Morins. They are pretty impressive. I teach this type of course on off premise catering and out all the 5 above and I have had the food from both places at events I went to both were excellent.

        1. re: zgold10

          Its been a while, but McGrath's did our rehearsal dinner. It was great.

      2. My sister had her wedding reception at the Casino at Roger Williams Park catered by Russell Morin. I went to the initial tasting with her to help choose her menu. The cooking at the tasting was done a la minute in front of us by chefs, and I thought the food was delicious. At the Casino they do not cook the food a la minute and I thought the quality was just average wedding food. Disappointing, so be careful with details with whatever caterer you choose.

        1. Married in September and we went with Cozy Caterers out of Providence. We met with Pranzi but were turned off when I told them our budget was X and they gave us a quote for almost double. We are a middle class couple who paid for our own wedding and we upfront about what we could afford. They said they could work with that budget and when the estimate came it wasn't close. Russel Morin and Blackstone seemed even more expensive so we didnt meet with them.

          We really enjoyed the food and service offered by Cozy, helped make our day memorable. Email me if you need any further info.

          1. My company has used Pranzi and Russel Morin in the past for some of our events and has had good experience with both.

            1. Of those, Blackstone or Glorious Affairs -
              If you want great food, try a smaller caterer.
              There is a place in Little Compton called Smoke and Pickles - they have a good reputation and the food on their website looks fantastic....