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Nov 25, 2012 07:05 AM

Manhattan Trip Report

Just back from Thanksgiving week in Manhattan. Here's some thoughts and opinions about eateries that were previously discussed and recommended by Chowhounds. Sylvia's fried chicken and waffles were the best we've ever had. Skip Russ and Daughters Superheebster. Nothing super about it. Modern's upside down tuna tart, duck with truffle sauce and bean soup were excellent, but pricey. Wine and Roses on the UWS was too dark to even read the menu - so we left. Went down the street to Arte Cafe. Meat and cheese board was great. Margon's cuban sandwich was OK. Pom Frites needs a lesson from Maryland's Boardwalk Fries. Patsy's UWS pizza was also the best ever OBTW, Don't miss the Rockettes, Train Show and next year's Macy's Parade. Thanks to Trader Joes for our at home T-Day turkey and sides. Great wine and pumpkin pie from the Columbus Ave Green Market. God love Mrs Yang's market across the street from our UWS apartment.

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  1. Myself and other CHs hare not huge fans of Pomme Frites or as I call it "cone full of stubs" place:

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      I wish I'd known that before going to PFs a couple of years ago! I was really disappionted in the place. LOL on cone full of stubs!

    2. I'm not a fan of Russ and Daughters Superheebster, but the store in general is fabulous.

      1. Did you mean Russ and Daughters was super hipster?

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          The Superheebster is a sandwich they offer.