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Nov 25, 2012 06:09 AM

Fulton street restaurant

Need a moderately priced restaurant in Fulton street area. attending miracle on Fulton street on a Sat. night in dec. any sleepers in that area I don't know about. Going to Mr. Johns on Friday and Galatoires on something a little less formal and a little less expensive.

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  1. A few options. Gordon Biersch Brewery which is a chain with decent food and good beers. Grand Isle is a moderately priced seafood-centric restaurant. nice atmosphere, fresh oysters, good food. Ernst Cafe is also on Fulton. More bar-ish, but they have decent New Orleans standards and other typical bar food.

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      I like Grand Isles much more than Gordon Biersch and you can sit outside on Fulton if the weather is good.