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Nov 25, 2012 04:56 AM

Keys Trip-need recs

Doing a 5 day keys trip 1st night in Marathon, 2 nights KW and 2 nights Duck Key. Need rec's for best eating breakfast lunch and dinner -- both casual and more formal is helpful :) Thanks Hounds!

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  1. There are a few recent threads on Key West. Including mine. :) You should go check those out as well.

    I leave for KW on Monday can't wait.

    A few favorites from my past trips are:
    Garbo's Grill - food stand, Fish, shrimp tacos are awesome there
    Blackfin Bistro

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      @Sandwich Sister -- yes thanks I've seen the KW threads ;) including yours -good info for KW for sure! I guess I'm looking more for info for the keys other than KW... spending 3 days/nights at Marathon and Duck Key

    2. I like Keys Fisheries in Marathon,bayside.Open air very casual.Also Sparkys Landing in Key Colony beach.Islamorada places I like are the Island grill and Lazy Days.I like the funkiness of Mangrove Mamas further down the keys. I think in Summerland key.Ive heard great things about the Square grouper but havent been there myself.I think its in Duck key.

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        FYI: The Square Grouper is on Cudjoe Key.

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          Fish Tails Market and Eatery is also a good spot in the same area near Vaca Cut