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Nov 25, 2012 04:56 AM

Matching smoked salmon on a budget

I have stepped into the wine selection for one of my club's Xmas dinner this year (because they goti it wrong last year).

It will be paté de foie gras, smoked salmon, a meat/poultry entree, cheese and a wonderful buche de Noel.

We'll get the Muscat de Rivesaltes open for the foie gras this year and a port-like wine such as Banyuls or Maury too.

But what does one drink with smoked salmon on a tight budget? Sorry, no Gruner here.

Will rosé work? Better an inexp Sauv Blanc?

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  1. What is the operational definition of tight budget? No more than ___. I love Champagne with smoked salmon. On a "tight budget," I think you'd be very happy with Louis Bouillot Cremant de Bourgogne -- they make a rose and non-rose. I've found it for around $10 on sale in the past. Non-sale may be as high as $15, but you may find it for less.

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    1. re: Brad Ballinger

      Thank you. The Boillot is available under 8€.

      I think we're talking $5, but I am going to push for more and promise to use better wines judiciously.

      My research today says Champagne or dry, acidic, low-oak whites.

      It's a good meal and we ought to drink good wines to match.

      1. re: Brad Ballinger

        Thanks again, Brad.

        I think Cremant de Bourgogne is an excellent way to sneak in "Champagne" on a budget. Maybe we could start with that and have the foie gras second. In fact I think that's the normal sequence Thinking, thinking . . . .

        BTW there's an inexp mousseux down here called Blanquette de Limoux, but it's made from Mauzac and has an odd flavor that does not please me.

        1. re: collioure1

          Blanquette de Limoux is nice (in its own niche), but it is not a wine I would serve with Smoked Salmon.

            1. re: Maximilien

              I neither buy it nor drink it, but someone gifted me a bottle of very sweet Blanquette (6% alcohol).

            2. re: collioure1

              Your re-thinking the sequence makes sense.

              1. re: Brad Ballinger

                ditto. I'd do the salmon before the foie.

                also like the Cremant de Bourgogne idea.

                1. re: ChefJune

                  I'd liked both those excellent ideas too, but one step at a time with this crowd. We got an award-winning vin doux (Rivesaltes Ambré) which I poured at the tables with the foie gras and a vin de pays d'Oc Sauvignon for the smoked salmon. The vin doux was a major improvement and well-received.

                  We'll see if we can change the sequence next year, but this order of courses is close to engraved in stone for a French Xmas dinner. We had everything except the oysters.

                  I'd be happy to pour more quality wines individually next year as opposed to leaving bottles on the tables.

          1. "Smoked salmon on a tight budget..."

            Easy: chardonnay. 2nd choice is a chardonnay-based champagne. Rieslings are beautiful here too, but it's hard to find two more ideally matched flavors for chardonnay than smoke and salmon.

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