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Nov 25, 2012 02:24 AM

ISO Cut out Christmas Cookie Recipes: Plain and Chocolate

I am in search of recipes for a plain (as in to-be-iced or sugared) cut-out cookie recipe and a recipe for a chocolate cut-cut out cookie. Tasty is a necessity; easy to work with is essential! I have some great cookie cutters, I especially love my snowflakes and reindeer. The snowflakes are rather large and intricate, so I need a dough and cookie that is sturdy.

Had a terrible problem with a Cook's all-butter recipe last year despite multiple chilling. I do work in a cool room off my kitchen for rolling and cutting. (I live in Vermont, it's getting a bit cold now.) As a child, I made an all-shortening recipe which worked quite well, but was rather bland.

I have purchased some rolling rings from King Arthur to aid me!

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  1. I recommend a cream cheese dough or a gingerbread for the non chocolate doughs. Both tend to be easy to work with.

    1. I just made a fantastic cookie yesterday. It's an almond sugar cookie, here's the recipe:

      Super easy to make and roll out with no resting time needed. I only rolled and cut half the dough - the rest is in the freezer. I made a royal icing and decorated some cookies in the shape of my home state of Connecticut. I need to work on my decorating skills but it is very tasty.