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Nov 24, 2012 11:34 PM


Bistro: Best Food in Topanga and organic Samuel Smith Beer (short ribs, brussel sprouts, truffel fries, burgers are to die for, everything is good) Live Jazz every other Friday. Lunch tacos on the appetizer menu is great value.

Inn of the 7th Ray: Great Wine Selection and Romantic, Food Overrated. Super cool store beside it.

Abalitas: beer and tacos for happy hour is the best.

Roccos in the Canyon: decent pizza, Great subs, the meatball and Italian sausage (not on menu) with grilled onion and bell pepper is gooooood.

Pats: oh, Pat, I eat here every Sunday Morning with my 3 year old for brunch. Some acoustic live music, great crew of people. It just makes me happy, no drinky drinky though...

Great cheese selection at Topanga Gourmet.

Mimosa: enough said. just go once and you'll return, not for the food, but it is Topanga.

County Store: early she makes grandma style veggie sushi rolls and little things of fresh beauty.

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  1. I think you mean Canyon Gourmet for the cheese. awesome little store. one on LA's special treats.
    Rated Best Find 2012

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    1. re: petermike999

      And might as well correct Abuelitas (not Abalitas) while we're at it:

      1. re: petermike999

        correct. Canyon Gourmet. They just upgraded also.

      2. does anybody rate the food at the inn of the seventh ray?

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        1. re: linus

          I thought it was better in my last reincarnation...

          1. re: Servorg

            one assumes you died waiting to get your check or some water or, hell, anything at the inn of the seventh ray.

            1. re: linus

              well stated, linus.
              very accurate.

              it's amazing how the servers would be standing there chatting with each other and not seem to notice the customers trying to get their attention.

              also, every dish, came in it's own sweet time.
              by the time the last person at the table got their food, the first person was already done eating. . . .

              1. re: linus

                I agree, Topanga in general is certainly not for most.

            2. re: linus

              It's o.k. atmosphere is great, quite romantic and the spiritual store connected is a staple in Topanga.

            3. Canyon Gourmet was recently redone and is a must-shop stop.

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              1. re: yogachik

                Agree. Canyon Gourmet an excellent, elegant little store. Great cheese. Skillfully curated wine and food stuff in general. I thought Topanga was all tambourines and tie dyes...Not any more.