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Nov 24, 2012 10:56 PM

Shanghai Winter Garden [Millbrae]

I've been searching for thick Shanghai Style Flat Noodles for a while, so Shanghai Winter Garden's sign for "handmade noodles" caught my eye recently. The menu calls many of the dishes "Shanghai fill-in-blank" in English, but there were a few dishes I thought were Shanghainese that aren't qualified that way, and others that weren't Shanghainese that were called "Shanghai X." There are many Sichuan dishes throughout the menu.

The servers' English wasn't great, but I learned that the dough for their noodles is rolled out by hand (not with a machine) and they're cut into noodles with a knife. Alas, they were not the thick Shanghai Style Flat Noodles I've been looking for, but they're still very good and fresh. The noodles in the Shanghai Style Stir Fried Chow Mein ( 手工粗炒面 ) were almost identical to tagliatelle in texture, average width, height, and appearance. They were prepared too oily, so next time I'll get the noodles in a soup-- puffed up in soups throughout the restaurant, they looked delicious.

The Xiao Long Bao were decent but the soup and meatball had too mellow a flavor. The majority held together nicely and had thin wrappers.

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  1. last time i walked by this place noon time (on a weekend?), it was empty. decided not to go in.

    background: Nelson Lee, owner, used to run Winter Garden (?)on broadway in s.f. at least a decade or 2 ago.
    N. Lee started making May Lin hunan chile sauce there. sold the eatery. open an eatery in burlingame. eventually sold both eatery and May LIn Hunan sauce.

    when S.W.G. opened, big splashy ads appeared in TsingTao newspaper claiming linkage to an eatery in Hong Kong with the same name. the crowds appeared and eventually vanished.

    haven't ate the food here. the food at previous eateries good but it was a novelty then.

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      Thanks! That explains one oddity there.... they had a counter selling a few totally random things including large jars of something labeled Hunan Sauce (also some buns for takeout and giant packages of bean curd sheets from a place in SF or Canada).

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        a few years after N. Lee sold his Hunan Chili Sauce, he came out with another brand supposedly made with chilis grown on his farm in modesto( i think). never saw it in the marketplace. just offering info as a curiosity in the hunan chili saga.

    2. Not the specific style you're seeking, but you might want to check out the hand shaved noodles at Su Hong in Palo Alto.

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        Awesome, thanks! Their hand shaved noodles look great, and I'm excited that they have some more interesting preparations than I've had elsewhere.