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Nov 24, 2012 09:46 PM

New Year's Eve in Tokyo; suggestion for restaurants that open during NYE.

I am planning to be in Tokyo from Dec 28 to Jan 2.
I didn't realize it's the biggest holiday in Japan and many of the restaurants that are on my list are close at the end of New Year.

I would certainly need suggestion for any good places that open on December 30/December 31.
(I think for 12/30, I prefer omakase, but on 12/31, perhaps somewhere busier, less formal and more festive and it will be great if anyone can suggest places/bar we can go for countdown).

Also we are arriving around 8pm on December 28, I also realize many places with prefix menu have the last seating around 8:30pm. I don't think we can make it from the airport that fast. Any suggestion for late night dining? (izakaya will be great!)

FYI,my SO and I are adventurous foodies. Last time we visited Japan, thanks to chowhound's recommendation, we had a great meal at Ryogin.

Thank you.

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  1. Just out of curiosity, what does "omakase" mean where you come from? It's a little confusing - here in Japan it just means you get whatever the chef recommends, either by asking directly or order a prix-fixe menu. So it doesn't really relate to being busy, formal or festive.

    Also, many restaurants (most?) offer some sort of prix-fixe menus, including izakaya, and most of them don't stop serving at 8:30pm.

    Perhaps if you told us what restaurants are on your list it might be easier to make suggestions. I think most restaurants are open at least until December 30, but I could be wrong.

    1. i have a dinner reservation at daisan harumi for the 29th of dec, and lunch reservations for tofuya ukai shiba on the 30th / tempura shimizu on the 31st.

      i guess you can check out these restaurants and see if you're interested in them.


      1. i visited tokyo for new years last year.

        i ended up at 7chome kyoboshi for lunch on dec 30, and ryugin on dec 31.

        most (michelin) places i tried to get into were open on dec 28 and 29, but fully booked. (and this was reserving almost a month ahead.)

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          The countdown at the Temple Zojoji is canceled, so the best place will be the Temple Sensojj in Asakusa,., and one of Edo tradition is to buy a 'daruma(Dharma doll, paint an eye, make a wish)' for the new year, and eat a first sushi.. except sushi 468, I do not know other ones open in that aera on the 31st, .. the only recommendation i can give you is sushi Sora, in the 37Floor of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. I have had an affordable lunch there, it is famous for the view, the sake pairing, the nigiris are fairly good (blend of vinegar, salt only), .. not bad not an excel, though the chef did succeed to give the lunch 8000yens menu some high lights.. and the place is magic for his view, his tiny counter, and for a special evening it will be perfect.. Later you can take the metro at MitsukoshiMae (3mn walk), direct to Asakusa by the Ginza line, and enjoy the countdown. 
          Book early, booking by Mandarin Oriental Hotel reservation is necessary;
          Sushi Sora in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel (phone number 0120-806-823)