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Nov 24, 2012 06:35 PM

Boston Hound looking for vegetarian (friendly) must-eats while in town

I'll be visiting Dallas for a few days next week and would love to find some good vegetarian friendly food in Dallas. Looking for recomendations! Thanks.

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  1. Slim picking down here. Also depends on how adventurous you want to be. When I want an all -veggie meal I go for Indian at Madras Pavilion, Udipi Cafe or Gopal, all in Richardson. None of the more popular or Western style vegetarian places have impressed me much.

    For "friendly", Taco Joint has a veggie taco on whole wheat tortilla that I like a lot.

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      I'd also recommend Spiral Diner, Kalachandjis, (arguably, the best) and Cosmic Cafe.
      All are strictly vegetarian and, very friendly.

    2. FT33 has some really delicious vegetarian appetizers (especially the roasted sunchokes with candied hazlenuts) - I think you could have a pretty nice meal assembled from a few of those. Also, Boulevardier has gnocchi a la Parisienne that appears to be vegetarian (you'd have to ask about the base for the sauce) - that plus a salad would work. And I'd bet that there's always something great at Lucia that just happens to be vegetarian - just call and ask. Samar could be good too.

      1. You can find "something" to eat just about anywhere. Today, I had a good veggie burger at Hopdaddy in Preston Center.
        Wild Salsa, downtown, has good veg options including a large tamale and some tacos.
        Taco Diner has two veg tacos (just looked at their menu and they aren't listed), I love their green salsa! But their rice is cooked with chicken broth.
        Taco Joint has the best beans, and they are veg! Their chalupas are really good. At breakfast, their migas taco is the best one.
        Pho is For Lovers on Greenville just north of Lover's Lane has good veg pho.
        If you can find Nammi food truck, they have the best tofu banh's KILLER!!!