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Mystery Diners............awful

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This show is the most staged nonsense I have ever witnessed on television. I can't wait for someone to come clean and reveal this show for what it is, a poorly acted, overly dramatic farse. Even Restaurant Stakeout ( you know, the one where the star says "dings" instead of things about 30 times perepisode) is a better show.

The Food Network is a disaster.......

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  1. What? You don't think it takes hidden cameras and an elaborate sting operation to figure out that you need to fire a smug frat boy waiter who's stealing you blind? I think one episode is enough for anybody.

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      1. This show is a disgrace. Not even close to being real. A sommelier pairs a Cabernet Sauvignon with fried oysters ? Pull the plug on this dumb a$$ channel....pathetic

        1. I especially love the episode spoken of below, where the 2 frat boys carry a half barrel out the back door.

          When you see them going out the back door on the inside camera the barrel has a brewery cap still in place, with a portable tapper laying next to it, but when you see them coming out on the outside camera the barrel now has a portable tapper installed where the cap was.

          They stop halfway out the door for a beer? And why would a restaurant have a hand tapper in the cooler?

          1. I never write on the net, but I was just screwed out of 1/2 hour of my life watching mystery diners. I wanted to tell the world it is CRAP. I am glad I am not alone.

            1. Mystery Diners it all fake ...not a real show i love more Restaurant impossible with chef Irvine

              1. It seems now that the Food Network is striving to become the conscience of the restaurant industry, trying to help poor hapless restaurant owners police their businesses. They have a couple of shows using the hidden camera shtick, and they all look fake. Which stands to reason: if you are that clueless as an owner, you deserve to lose your business.