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Nov 24, 2012 06:08 PM

Mystery Diners............awful

This show is the most staged nonsense I have ever witnessed on television. I can't wait for someone to come clean and reveal this show for what it is, a poorly acted, overly dramatic farse. Even Restaurant Stakeout ( you know, the one where the star says "dings" instead of things about 30 times perepisode) is a better show.

The Food Network is a disaster.......

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  1. What? You don't think it takes hidden cameras and an elaborate sting operation to figure out that you need to fire a smug frat boy waiter who's stealing you blind? I think one episode is enough for anybody.

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      1. This show is a disgrace. Not even close to being real. A sommelier pairs a Cabernet Sauvignon with fried oysters ? Pull the plug on this dumb a$$ channel....pathetic

        1. I especially love the episode spoken of below, where the 2 frat boys carry a half barrel out the back door.

          When you see them going out the back door on the inside camera the barrel has a brewery cap still in place, with a portable tapper laying next to it, but when you see them coming out on the outside camera the barrel now has a portable tapper installed where the cap was.

          They stop halfway out the door for a beer? And why would a restaurant have a hand tapper in the cooler?

          1. I never write on the net, but I was just screwed out of 1/2 hour of my life watching mystery diners. I wanted to tell the world it is CRAP. I am glad I am not alone.