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Nov 24, 2012 04:19 PM

V&V with a Food Processor

My parents asked if I wanted a food processor for Christmas. I am wondering what you use it for in your V&V kitchen. I make a lot of hummus, but I've never had problems doing it in a blender. Tonight I'm making a broccoli and cauliflower salad that calls for processing the vegetables in a food processor, but I'm quite sure I'll be able to chop them that finely (though yes, it will take longer). So what do you use yours for? Are you glad you have it?

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  1. If you have room they are great. I make baba ganoush in mine, coleslaw, pie crusts, pesto, saurekraut, shredded salads and a lot more.

    You can also make nut and bean pate's and other similar foods using one. I'd say go for it!

    1. Oh my goodness, I use mine for everything.

      Hummus, dips, pie crust, pizza dough, grating carrots or cheese, making my own nut butters (or nutella!), tapenade, cole slaw, basil & other herb pestos (cilantro pesto is my fave), "nut truffles", croquettes/veggie burger patties, falafels, cake batter, and sorbets.

      I have a stand mixer, but because I grew up with a food processor I do everything in that! You can even make whipped cream!

      1. In addition to what they've said, it can be a fantastic time-saver in a few ways. Not only will it do the slicing, grating, chopping in seconds, but the results are far more consistent than I can do freehand which makes cooking easier. I have definitely tackled more complicated or time-consuming recipes because of the shortened prep time.

        1. For Thanksgiving I used mine for:
          Making cashew cream and cashew cheese.
          Making vegan chocolate mousse.
          Making pie crust.
          Slicing butternut squash and celeriac for a gratin.
          Chopping walnuts for a streusel topping (note: would do by hand much of the time but I'd already done a lot of chopping and my hands were tired)

          I find it much easier to clean than a blender, since mine is dishwasher safe. Plus it's easier to get all the food out of the bottom for heavy stuff like hummus that doesn't just pour out.

          I also use it for grating cheese for things like enchiladas or lasagne a lot. And making biscuits and scones.

          Then again, I never use my blender....

          1. I love my food processor. Now that I have it, I use it very often. Sure you could chop your veggies super fine or get your food processor to do it in 5 seconds. I have a retro one form 1980 which I prefer to the big kitchenaid food processor.. make sure you get one that is easy to clean. My kitchenaid has too many grooves and thus harder to clean! I also have a high speed blender which I use for smooth sauces.. otherwise the food processor could work, too.

            Besides, without a food processor how will you ever try banana soft-serve ice cream? That, alone, is worth a food processor. :)