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Nov 24, 2012 02:14 PM


Husband & I have gone decaf. With so many options out there we'd like to know if you've discovered something that really resounds with you. We are seeking a smooth, rich, complex medium to medium-dark roast. He favors Peets, Barefoot, Coffee Scene, and Red Rock whereas I am more Starbucks. Truthfully I are more of a tea drinker! We are not opposed to Costco, or even a grocery store brand. We are in the S. Bay area. TIA.

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  1. I really like Philz decaf beans. There are a few locations in the South Bay, I believe. I just went in one day and asked for a 1/4 pound of every type of decaf they offer, in order to decide which one I prefer (the House Blend).

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      Thanks bluex, we've frequented Philz when in the PA, SF area as well. I understand they're expanding to Cupertino soon! We do wish that they had decaf counterparts of the few roasts we sampled, and liked. Most recently I tried their decaf Ethiopian and it tasted watery, and weak even to me! We use an older semi-auto Delonghi espresso machine so maybe it would improve over the drip system they use. Like the 1/4# sampler idea. Thanks.

    2. Costco SF Bay coffee beans. I drink the full-caff French Roast. You might mix or try the French Roast decaf. Can't beat it and the price is like $6/lb.

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        Thanks all the same rccola. I didn't state in my original post that we are not fans of French roast.

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          Sorry. I kind of figured you didn't like FR BUT--I never tried anything else because I always come back to it. Maybe one of their other roasts/blends.

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            Costco's "San Francisco Bay" coffee beans taste great!

            I love their half caffeinated/half decaffeinated coffee brand they sell at Costco.

            Fresh,super price,and its a local family based Company outside of Sacramento.

            A really great product.

            You can also buy direct:

            They have a large variety to choose from and there are free shipping, no sales tax offers too!

            Here is a story about the Company.

            They sound much better than Corporate Peets or Starbucks!


      2. Bitter +Sweet in Cupertino sells decaf beans. I get them for presents.

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          Looks like a wonderful place for coffee, and more. They had me at Red Velvet Latte, and Humphry Slocombe icecream! Thanks.

        2. Just returned from Peet's with 1/4# samplers of MochaJava, and the Holiday Blend. I'm especially excited about the blend just from the aroma alone.