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Nov 24, 2012 02:03 PM

Please help me choose a knife to get my mom for christmas

My mom loves to cook and I was helping her cook thanksgiving and I saw all her knives are garbage, she had no good or sharp knives. we were smashing and crushing the veggies because her knives were all cheap and old. Ive decided to get her at least a good knife a chefs, santoku, or gyoto.

My budget is at $125 for a single knife or 2 cheaper knifes, ive done a bit of reading and the ones ive seen are
Victorinox- I can get her 3 knifes instead of 1 or 2

also I went to a knife shop near me and they had a cutco 7-5/8″ Petite Chef Knife on sale for $65

Can you guys five me some advice on which brand and what model/s to get from those seen or give me input on another good brand and knife that falls into budget and where to get it.

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  1. I'd go the Forschner/Victorinox route - look at the Fibrox series from them. Solid, takes and holds a good edge. They're the go-to knives in many a professional kitchen.

    1. Cutco is overpriced crap. Tramontina makes reasonably good low priced knife sets. You could get a wood block and set for around $120 on Amazon. The problem with buying her one expensive knife is that the rest of her knives will till be crap. The other possibility is to buy her a knife sharpener for around $20.

      1. $125 would get you a quality German made chef's knife. What size to buy depends on hand size, and other factors you can't know. A gift certificate to a store that sells quality knives would allow your mom to choose the knife she would love to use.

        I use an 8 inch Zwilling four star, but I began my adventure with a chef's knife with a lesser quality German 6 inch. I much prefer the larger knife. One really good chef's knife will change a cook's life.

        1. Kagemusha is onto something. No reason to go overboard with new knives...she needs a few GOOD knives (the Victorinox, for example) and then get her a good electric sharpener with the money left over. The finest German or Japanese cutlery is worthless when (not if) it becomes dull, and even the crappiest knife is a joy when nice and sharp.

          1. A Tojiro if she has a shaprening strategy. If not, a few Victorinox, and you can sharpen for her.

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              Well I forgot to mention that i Use a straight razor so I have a few sharpening stones and coticules, so i know how to sharpen a blade the problem is that the lowest grit i have is 6000 id need to get another 1000/4000 stone

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                You have a few options:

                1) Get at least a 1000 grit stone and a couple of Victorinox or Dexter-Russell knives. You can sharpen and rotate these knives for her.

                2) As other have stated, you can always just get a pull through sharpener with a Victorinox or a Dexter-Ruseel knives. Based on reputation, Presto is a cheap and effective electric sharpener (I don't have one). If you want something better, you can go for a ChefChoice: