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Joe's cafe in Granada Hills

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Just went to this tiny place in Granada hills who's doing some impressive things for breakfast. Great little place with intelligentsia coffee and incredible pancakes. Not sure how this place has gone under the radar. if you're in the area, well worth checking out. Oh, and they're pretty cheap too

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  1. Thanks for the head's up, cdub.

    1. Just saw the sign a couple days ago. Obscure location - the place is barely noticeable! They really need to get word out. Will have to try it soon.

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        Thanks. Sounds like a good rec.
        The website has just basic information right now.
        17815 Chatsworth St
        Granada Hills, CA 91344
        (818) 488-9841

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          There was also a joint in Granada Hills that I mentioned a few weeks back that doles out French bistro classics. Yet, now the name escapes me.

            1. re: Local

              Nope. I'll see if I can find my original post again.

        2. re: boogiebaby

          I was immediately blown away by the quality of the place. if I wasn't walking, I would have missed it. Didn't get the French toast but it looked ridiculously good. Most expensive thing on the breakfast menu at $9 huge.

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            I went by there today. Darn, it was closed. Place is really small with a teeny sign. I drove right by it.

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              well, that sucks. yeah, super tiny. if you drive too fast, you'd miss it.

        3. Just got arround to trying this place today. BBq pulled pork sandwich was fantastic. Can't wait to try the burger. They also have a nice selection of salads and vegetarian dishes. Drinks served in glass jars is a nice touch, although for some reason they don't serve diet sodas. The place has an upscale feel to it, like someplace you'd find in Venice or Santa Monica. Definitely an outlier for this area.

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            Don't wait to try the burger here. It's VERY good, among the best in L.A.
            I can't wait to try the breakfast but it is hard to get over that way before they switch to their lunch menu.

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              they seem to extend the breakfast menu for a bit. they're not strict to the time change like many places. as good as their luch is, i think they really shine during breakfast.

          2. Honestly, I wasn't too impressed with it. Don't get me wrong, I like that it's close and I think it's well priced for the most part but I wasn't a huge fan of really any of the flavors that came together. I'm not a sweets fan and they seem to want to incorporate that into most of their dishes and if you like that then you'll love it for what it is. I'll probably go back to try a few more items from the menu though.

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              I went there for the first time last week for breakfast. They serve Intelligentsia coffee, which is some of the best commercial coffees. The place is really small with few tables, but is nice and warm in this cold weather. I had the stuffed French toast, which was served with two large pieces of bread "stuffed" with a cream and some strawberries. They put more fresh strawberries and blueberries on top and around the plate. The cream wasn't too sweet and was a pink color. Very tasty. My side of bacon wasn't cooked crisp though. They had a small case of homemade pastries that I didn't try but looked very good. I can't wait to come back to try the grilled cheese or the burger.

              This is a very welcome addition to Granada Hills, which is in need of more mom and pop restaurants to counter the chains popping up in the Chastworth strip mall down the street.

            2. Hi... Is this the place a couple of doors down from Vegetable Delight? I predict this little stretch of Chatworth St. will start to slowly morph into a neighborhood chow destination, what with the cupcake place on the corner and the Friday evening street/truck mini-explosion. Area needs a nice pub/grub place, too...

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                There's another place in Granada Hills that I posted about before and now can't find it,

                that serves Steak Diane, and crab cakes, and gourmet continential dishes along with Cal style grilled salmon, and mabye even beef welling.

                anyone remember the name again, it was also in a corner mini-mall, maybe on devonshire as one of the cross streets ???

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                  CF American cafe or something like that. If you live in this area (that area?), there were some coupons for it in the Northridge Monthly magazine that comes in the mail each month.

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                    Damn, I don't live in the area, but I sure could use those coupons, is there anywhere I could pick up a copy of the North ridge Monthly mag ?


              2. We just had a fantastic breakfast here!

                We arrived about 10:00am on a Sunday morning. Although the place was fully occupied, our wait was less than 10 minutes.

                cdub, you are right...the pancakes are "incredible!" Our cashier recommended them..."an old family recipe," she said. I could not imagine how very special they were...piled high with fresh strawberries, blackberries and blueberries with banana slivers between the pancakes.

                They are doing some serious good food here. I expect to find this type of place on the Westside, but I was surprised to find something of this type in the north end of the valley.

                I am anxious to return to try their lunch menu.

                And...quite nearby is Royal Pastry at 10662 Zelzah in Granada Hills. WOW! Everything looked so good. We bought only a couple of pieces of baklava which we have not yet tried, but one is chocolate. I highly recommend checking this place out, too.

                As a couple of Hounds have mentioned here, we need to keep our eyes on this part of town.

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                  glad you liked it. i had the same impression. this is a place that's usually on the westside and completely hidden in granada hills. been going there now everytime i need a service at my mechanic.

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                    Thanks for sharing your find, cdub!