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Nov 24, 2012 01:52 PM

new years eve mexico city

i think i understand that new years eve is not celebrated in the same manner as the u.s. but finding that we will be in mx city (zona rosa) for 2 nights (new years eve and jan 1 ) i was looking for suggestions for a first class meal with perhaps a wee bit of a celebration? i do see that many places are closed that night

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  1. In Mexico, Año Viejo/Año Nuevo (New Year's Eve) is celebrated at home, in restaurants, and in events spaces hired for a party--just as it is in the USA. I think your best bet will be a hotel restaurant, and if it's a really special date for you, talk to the folks at the St. Regis. Their Restaurante Diana (named for the iconic fountain outside the property) gets raves for its upscale, very modern Mexican cuisine.

    Information about what's open and which restaurants are planning special dining for New Year's Eve isn't available yet. I'd be happy to keep my ear to the ground and post back here sometime in December, when we know what's what.

    One of the things you should know is that New Years Eve falls on Sunday this year. Most restaurants in the city normally close by 6PM on Sunday nights, so owners and employees alike may be breathing a sigh of relief that they will actually get to stay home and see the New Year in with friends.


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      thank you. i have just been reading your blog and it is quite wonderful. i still am hoping to find a wee bit of new years festivity, but if nothing turns up real soon, i will try to reserve at diana.