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Nov 24, 2012 01:32 PM

If you were 16 again... culinary school?

The home cooks around here are so knowledgeable and post so many beautiful pictures and inventive recipes, etc. So, if you could rewind the clock and chose another vocation, would you go the culinary school route? Why or why not? And what do you think culinary school could teach you that a ton of reading along with trial and error can not?
Thanks for satisfying my curiosity :)

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  1. No way. Insufficient return on expense.

    1. I think culinary school would teach me far, far more than I know now. But I had/have no desire to make a living as a cook or chef. I am amazed by the passion and desire behind so many who pursue culinary science. I respect it totally, but I don't think I would be a good fit for that occupation.

      1. Maybe. I didn't really figure out my love of food until I was 25ish though.

        I WOULDN'T have transferred from a cheap state school to a very expensive private design school though :) That was when I was 21 though. I would have gone to a 2 year community college then transferred to the nearby state university and gotten a sensible degree in something useful.

        1. No way would I go into debt for that. Culinary schools are a ripoff, and I know a number of chefs who won't hire a a grad. It wouldn't help me get a better job than had I entered the field with no schooling. Had I wished to work in the field, I'd have found a chef who was willing to let me start at the bottom and take the time to teach me.

          1. Ah nope. Not as a whole degree program. I have been to the CIA and Johnson & Wales, and from all I could see, I pretty much knew a great deal of the first few years of education. I could and can see the value of taking some coursework, for example, sugar work, as enrichment.

            I am social Media friends with someone who is attending N.A.I.T. (The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology) for Culinary and from what I now of her course work ( I recall she is a senior) she is getting a splendid education.