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Nov 24, 2012 01:24 PM

Meat On A Stick

Shisk kabob, asian satay, tacos al pastor, donair, or whatever.
What's your favorite meat on a stick around here>

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  1. Interesting that before I visited Vancouver BC I posted this on their Chowhound and there was quite a lively discussion and a lot of different cuisines represented.
    Could it be that we in Seattle don't really go out of our way for good meat on a stick?
    There's a place in West Seattle that does a fantastic lamb - Mawadda.

    1. I couldn't think of a favorite but it seems like it could be a very good thread. I'd like to know what's good on a stick around here too.

      1. I recently tried a place called Satay in Wallingford. They did a pretty respectable meat on a stick.

        1. Hi, Jay:

          The Shish Taouk at Cafe Munir, marinated in garlic and lemon and served with garlic aoli, is unbelievably good.


          1. Tried Satay last night for take out and got the chicken, lamb, curry, noodles, roti and a "curry puff."

            All of it was pretty darned good. Especially the roti with curry dipping sauce. The roti was extremely flakey and dripping with oil which was kind of weird but really tasty.

            The order each had 3 sticks of meat which was more than enough.

            The real hit was the "curry puff" which is a flakey crusted pie dough pastry filled with potatoes, and carrots for $2.75. I could have had a few of those and some beer for a solid meal.

            The meats on a stick were full of flavor and had a peanut dipping sauce that appears to be a big deal there as they sell it in a jar for about $10.