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10 Best Cakes in Los Angeles

Hello all:

My finance and I will be getting married in a few months and, instead of having one large traditional cake, we would instead like to serve the 10 best cakes in Los Angeles. So, we were hoping you all would share your vast experience and help us discover what the best cakes in Los Angeles are.

We live on the Eastside, but can pick up cakes from most parts of Los Angeles. We thank you for contributing to our happiest of days.

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  1. Great idea. Phoenix Bakery in Chinatown: iconic strawberry whipped cream cakes for 50 years; Big Sugar in Strudio City, the Hummingbird, banana pineapple cake, cream cheese frosting, candied pecans.

    1. Check out Porto's. They have a website with detailed descriptions, they are all good.

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        Portos has a killer carrot cake, but their tres leches is also really good.

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          and their parisian...and their strawberry shortcake...

      2. had a lovely cake from Lark at a party not too long ago. layer chocolate with italian buttercream. Also see if Proof in Atwater can make you something. i've never had cake from them but their croissants are phenomenal and i can imagine their cakes being just as fancy.

        1. Pastel Vasco @ Proof Bakery

          Mango Cake @ Olympic Bakery

          Taro Cake @ Cathy's Bakery

          Cheesecake @ Flour & Tea

          Durian Plum Cake @ Van's Bakery

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            How is the Taro cake @ Cathy's compared to the ubiquitous taro cake/roll from Red Ribbon?

          2. I really love the Triple Berry Shortcake at Sweet Lady Jane (although I think the service left something to be desired the last time I went). Since you're taking it to go, it may not be a huge issue. Congrats on the upcoming nuptials.

            I also love King's Hawaiian Dobash Cake. It's chocolately without being overly so, not too sweet, and as light as angel food cake.

            1. berry blossom from susina's
              black&white from la provence
              ice box from lark
              cake monkey
              blum's coffee crunch from valerie confections
              limoncello from letthemeatcake

              1. Depending on the size of the crowd, I'd suggest getting fewer cake styles and duplicates. Otherwise you'll have so many people tasting you'll run out of cake.

                Clementine coconut
                Susina Berry Blossom
                If you are open to cupcakes, chocolate-peanut butter (Joan's) and chocolate-creme filled (clementine)
                Pumpkin cheesecake - susina
                Phoenix bakery - strawberry

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                  Judi, I could not agree more. When we got married, we had two cakes from Lark: the salted caramel and a chocolate mousse. We figured that the caramel was an unusual flavor which children and people with more traditional tastes would not care for. We thought the chocolate would be too boring for our more adventurous guests. We figured on having lots of cake left over but what happened is that most people wanted "a little of both." We hardly had any cake left for us! BTW, Lark was fantastic, reliable and friendly. The cakes were a hit!

                2. I love this idea! I also love the Hawaiian Paradise cake at King's Hawaiian. Three layers - guava, passion fruit, and lime. Very light and fresh. My sister had this as her wedding cake, in fact.

                  Congratulations, and good luck with your cake quest!

                  1. our wedding cake was from Cake Monkey Bakery and THEY DELIVER!!! I don't remember the name of the cake (it may be as simple as black & white) it was chocolate cake with vanilla frosting. IT WAS AMAZING!

                    1. Call Crumb Fairy in the valley on Stagg St. She makes delicious and beautiful cakes

                      1. the one other cake that comes to mind is the Mado cake from Maison Richard. it is a praline, chocolate, hazelnut layer cake that's divine. This was 8 yrs ago but i used to work for a clothing company and when the CEO's had a party (which BTW, we weren't invited to) they would always get this cake. Afterwards, their assistants would distribute the leftovers to us minions and that is how we would taste the good stuff.

                        1. Run don't walk to Jamaica's Cakes on Olympic Blvd just West of the 405 Fwy. I went to several bakeries looking for my wedding cake, some of which are mentioned in some of these reply's. None of them could compare with the taste of Jamaicas cakes. Rather than make one large cake I had her make small cakes as center pieces for the tables. It was beautiful. There were a couple of people at my wedding who don't like cake but the had an obligatory bite and both people told me how much they liked it and wanted her info. Also her presentation is fantastic. She brings out all the different icing flavors and several cake flavors that you arrange ahead of time then you can mix and match the flavors to create what you like.
                          And...she also can make vegan cakes if you like.


                          1. I'm not a huge Whole Foods fan but....

                            On Crescent in BH the Whole Foods sells a "Flourless Chocolate Cake" ....
                            It is truly fabulous, one of the best I've ever eaten.

                            1. Rainbow Cake from KIng's Bakery

                              1. Paradise Cake at King's Hawaiian, which I see has been mentioned already...