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Nov 24, 2012 10:10 AM

Adjustments for braising larger quantiies

I am making a braised chicken. I need to make it for 13 people. I usually use 2 cups white wine and 1 cup chicken stock for 8 pieces of chicken.

I plan on making around 25-30 pieces of chicken (no wings). I know that last time I doubled the liquid for 16 pieces it was too much. Any ideas on how much liquid I will need? It does make the sauce also, so that is a factor. I am thinking of just winging it making sure there is enough liquid to go 3/4 up the sides of the pieces of chicken.

They will be packed in a roasting pan after I brown them on the stovetop.

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  1. it depends upon the size of your pan, but if the pieces are "packed" in there, you may not be all that pleased with the results. can't you buy a disposable pan and cook all that chicken in 2 pans instead of forcing them into one?

    eta: now i recall you are cooking both dark and light meat? i'd cook the white meat separately since it will cook faster.

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      I could probably cook them separate. I want the fond for the sauce though. I could just combine the sauce from both pans though at the end if I just use one pan to brown all the chicken in.

      If there is too much room between the pieces, it seems like I'd need gallons of liquid.

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        the white meat is going to be badly overcooked by the time the dark pieces are done and it will also take a longer time overall to cook if the pieces are really jammed in there.

        you can use some water too, in addition to the wine and stock. you'll reduce the cooking liquid to make the sauce, yes? if you wind up with excess, just bag and freeze for next time you make the dish.

    2. Double the wine (about a bottle) and fill to about 2/3 up from the top of the chicken with stock. Make sure to season well with all that extra chic.

      1. I am going to brown the chicken in advance and keep in the fridge in the roasting pans. I am going to have the liquid (wine, stock, garlic, herbs). Should I store that separate? I'm thinking it doesn't matter if I add it to the pans in the fridge. It will give additional time for the flavors to penetrate the chicken.

        I plan on browning the chicken at least 5 hours in advance.

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          i'd put the parts and the cooking liquid in ziploc bags so it's more like a marinade. otherwise the liquid will only be touching bits of chicken, instead of all over the meat. alternatively, just store it separately.