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Nov 24, 2012 07:45 AM

double oven electric range suggestions

I am a retired chef who still cooks alot at home.
I am remodeling my kitchen & was told by my wife & our contractor that our perfectly good GE ceramic top convection range has to go. It is a victory of form over function. I can't find much useful information that I trust/believe online. I think I want a double oven because being able to cook multiple items at different temperatures is a nice convenience or one oven can be set to a lower temperature for holding. I like the Frigiaire fgef306tmf or the newer model fgef308tnf because the ovens are equally sized and fit two wire racks each. Most double ovens have a large & small oven with the smaller oven only holding one wire shelf. I prefer having two shelves in each oven.
Does anyone own or know anything about these ovens? Is Frigidaire a reliable brand? Are the other brands/models you would suggest? Are there double ovens where both ovens have the convection feature? Are there drawbacks, besides the obvious smaller capacity, to double ovens?
Thanks & Happy Holidays!

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  1. We hve a Wolf electric double convection wall oven each one has two convection fans and you have 6 different positions for the racks. We also have a seperate Wolf gas range top with a griddle and grill. They have a range model with gas cooktop and electric ovens below. I know these are expensive but you know the old saying " Long after the price is forgotton the Quality is remembered". Being a professional cook I'm sure you value quality.

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      I hould have mentioned I need a freestanding range.

    2. zackly

      Here are two links to Five Star; maybe they can help. It won't be inexpensive but you can build to your liking. During our remodel in 2008, we looked at many gas ranges and narrowed it down to Blue Star and Five Star, choosing the BS solely on the open burner design. It was close, very close. Had we not already had an electric oven, we very well might have chosen the dual fuel Five Star. Good luck.

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        Thanks but I don't have access to natural gas in my neighborhood & bringing in propane would be too problematic/costly.

      2. I had a double oven range(Maytag) a few years ago and liked it. It had the small oven on top and a large oven. The small oven was useful but I think the two more even sized ovens would be better. My mother used to have a double wall oven with a small 1/2 sized oven and a large oven and liked that small size a lot. It reheated quickly and baked evenly. The tiny oven on the range I had was limited in what it would bake. It seems like in reading the use and care manual on the model you are considering, fgef308tnf, it does have convection in both ovens and even a convection roast setting. Frigidaire is owned by Electrolux and Electrolux has this- in the UK. Too bad it is not available here. Whatever you buy, get an extended warranty due to the electronics. I would try to buy from someone who will give a period of time where you can return it and get the specifics in writing.. Buy it with a credit card so you have some protection if it isn't right. The minute you get it start using it and check the oven with a oven thermometer, or two, to make sure the temperature is right. Bake some cookies to see how evenly it heats.
        Sorry I can't speak specifically to the Frigidaire, but these are the things you can do that might help. I do have an Electrolux oven and like it but I don't think you can make that jump automatically and endorse Frigidaire.

        You might also post this on gardenweb.

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          Thanks for your research and good advice!
          I generally don't purchase extended warranties but recently I've bought two & one (snow thrower) saved me the cost of both warranties when Sears came to my home & fixed it for free.
          That Electrolux UK is very stylish indeed but I think only the main oven has a convection fan. I found a Kenmore with all the features I am looking for last evening but the owner reviews are very spotty and it went up in price $300.00 since last night, probably because of Black Friday. Does anyone know how to decipher Sears/Kenmore manufacturer’s codes? I would like to see who makes this range for them. Maybe similar items are offered in other brands.

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            See if this is it. Not sure when this was written.

            The salespeople usually will tell you as well.