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Nov 24, 2012 07:38 AM

Fromage Vignotte : French Triple Cream Cows Milk Cheese. Where from?

Bought some of this Vignotte from waitrose on a whim today - Holy Cream!

Total indulgence. soft, creamy and slightly lemony. Does anyone know what region of France it is traditionally from?

This suggests: Champagne-Ardenne

but this says: Basse- Normandie

and this in French suggests: Champagne-Ardenne

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  1. Consensus on t'internet suggests Champagne.

    Oddly, I can't find any websites in French. And, indeed, all the English language ones (at least on the first four pages of Google listings) are all to UK websites which makes me wonder if it's a cheese made specifically for export to our country. On those four pages, the only non-English one is a link in Dutch, which also indicates region of origin as Champagne.

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      Further.... more Googling indicates it comes from the Champagne department of L'Aube.

      And further confirmation, which also calls it "fromage de Pancey" -