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Nov 24, 2012 07:09 AM


I'm trying to book a staff Christmas dinner party for 10 people.
This place is near our office. I've heard mixed reviews from locals.
Anyone been lately? There are some fussy eaters in our group.
Suggestions? Thank you hounders!

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  1. get the doughnuts if they're still on the menu. they're great. otherwise, it seems to be a pretty safe corporate type place. my one meal there was well thought out, competently executed, but nothing particularly innovative or earth-shattering -- some kumamoto oysters & a piece of fish. but i really like the doughnuts!

    1. I went for Winterlicious last year and had a lovely meal. Not super creative but good food, well prepared, and attentive service.

      1. Not to be difficult, but it's actually Pangaea. I still for the life of me can't figure out why they used such a hard to spell word for a restaurant name.

        We're having our Christmas lunch with clients here this year. As others have said, it's good food with good service. Nothing mind blowing, but it's been around for a long time, so something must be right.

        1. I attended a function in their private dining room about a week ago for a large party (~30 people). I must say the food was quite decent (if not particularly creative or inventive, as with all of Pangaea's dishes I find) but the delivery time was horrid. Our main courses took an hour longer than their planned time. A few participants actually stepped out to get sustenance nearby. The main restaurant was completely full, but if you can't provide service on time, don't set such an expectation.