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Nov 24, 2012 05:56 AM

Looking for a good Mexican (tex-mex) breakfast place in/near Plano

Been on this hunt for a while. Best one I've found so far is Tino's Too on Ave K. Looking for great chilaquiles, good refritos, homemade tortillas.

Sidebar, also trying to find the best breakfast tacos around here. Think Las Palapas from San Antonio.........18th Hole (plano tortilla factory) Are the best I've found so far. Not a fan of Fuzzys, and want something less chain-ish than taco cabana.

These two searches could definitely lead to the same place......anyone got any great suggestions?

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  1. I have one: Frankie's in Richardson. Though they only have the breakfast menu available on Saturdays and Sundays.
    Damn good food.

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      I made an account here just to second this suggestion. Frankie's is an awesome little place. After dinner head to Sweet Firefly two doors down for some excellent ice cream as well :)

      While I've never been myself, I always hear that Case Milagro is a place for good Mexican in Richardson.

    2. Get familiar with the Sunday brunch at Blue Mesa in Addison. If you ever suffered at Fuzzy's, you deserve a reprieve.

      1. Chito's, near Legacy & 75. Been a while since I've been but good solid Mex breakfast.

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          Another fan of Chito's. Good food, good service and good prices.

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            So I guess Chito's doesn't do breakfast anymore because they don't open until 11am even on sat and sun. We tried Torchys Tacos in Allen instead and it was really good. Nothing other than tacos on the menu though. Would like to try them for lunch or dinner.....

          2. I like the tacos at la Paloma taqueria at 16th and ave k in Plano

            1. Luna de noche has a great Sunday brunch. Excellent value

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                Uncle Julio's at the Tollway and Keller Springs serves brunch on Saturday and Sunday. They have traditional Mexican egg dishes. Excellent versions of chilaquiles, huevos con chorizo, huevos mexicanos and others. The full menu is also available.