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Nov 24, 2012 04:34 AM

Saint John USVI where to eat with toddler?

my husband and 18 month old daughter are staying at Caneel Bay and are looking for dinner or lunch/brunch recommendations where toddlers are welcome. Obviously, amazing food is paramount. Would be nice to have a view and try local cuisine. Thank you!

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  1. You are staying at my favorite place in the Caribbean! Good choice.

    What time of year are you visiting? Everything will be open in the winter, some places close in the dead of low season.

    Will you have a rental vehicle?

    We have taken our son to STJ since he was an infant. Almost all places will be fine with a toddler, STJ is very laid back. He will be welcome everywhere, exception noted below.

    The one place that will not allow children under 5 yo is Zozos. No loss for you, instead try La Tapa, Waterfront Bistro and The Terrace. The Terrace is new, I personally haven't tried it but it is getting great reviews from long-time STJ visitors.

    By local, do you mean West Indian? If so, it is sort of hard to find. Sogo's comes to mind. There is a walk-up food stand called Hercule's that sells pates, I don't think there are tables there but I might be wrong. There is a food truck with picnic tables over in Coral Bay. I can't remember the name but it is at the main "intersection" and you can't miss it. Also over in Corl Bay is a new-ish place called Sylvia's Clean Plate. I believe she is Jamacian.

    There are lots of places in Cruz Bay that have local seafood on the menu. Some of our favorites -

    Morgan's Mango
    Lime Inn - especially the whole grilled snapper, this place always has a nice selection of specials, catches of the day
    Miss Lucy's - over in Coral Bay, West Indian

    I am not a fan of Asolare, which is close to Caneel and has amazing views but it has been there for years so they must be doing something right.

    You might not find "kids" menus at the majority of the restaurants but requests for smaller portions of menu entrees were always granted happily and without question.

    For lunches, some places we hit every trip are -

    Shipwreck - Coral Bay. The booth seating was welcome when our son was little, he could curl up next to me and rest.

    Ocean Grill - Cruz Bay, this would be a good dinner choice too. Awesome homemade ice cream.

    High Tide - Cruz Bay, right on the water, casual food.

    Caneel makes nice picnic lunches for the beach.