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Pizza in Singapore

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I had dinner in Pizzeria Mozza last night...not good. The place was packed, really loud but could/would tolerate it if the pizzas turned out well. The pizza sauce was thin as paper with just a few drops of cheese on it. I had the same pizza in February and it was better then. Any recommendations for good pizza in Singapore?

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  1. Pepperoni Pizzeria in Binjai Park is very decent. They have a few branches around but I haven't visited the others.

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      Thanks Julian, will try that on my next trip to Singapore.

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        You can also try Da paolo Pizza Bar at Jalan Merah Saga near Holland Village.

    2. Have you tried Sole Pomodero? It's Neopolitan style, thin crust - margharitas. I found them quite good. You have to hunt for the place a bit.


      For Peperoni (they actually spelled it wrong on purpose, I guess), the original one at Greenwood ave is a great place to hang out. Their 50-inch is a legend :)