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Nov 23, 2012 08:58 PM

Korean in STL

I'm looking for a good Korean place in STL. I've been to Everest and Seoul Taco several times and would like to find something else. Any suggestions?

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  1. Try Asian Kitchen, at 8423 Olive Blvd, the former Shu Feng location.

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    1. re: alan

      We like Seoul Garden in St. Ann on St. Charles Rock Road. He'll make it spicy for you!!!

      1. re: Christine

        I googled around for Seoul Garden's menu, but all I could really find were refs for the $20 pp AYCE hot pot, nuthin' on their website or elsewhere. any clues?

        HEY restaurant owners: if you're going to bother having a website, post your menu and if it's not going to be regularly updated just say it's a sample as of the posting date and prices are subject to change. please.

        1. re: hill food

          Hill, yeah you right about their website...not good. But urbanspoon and yelp have some pretty good reviews and comments about the food at Seoul Garden. But yes, I agree with you about their website, not too enticing.

          1. re: Christine

            I am interested in this place and the next time I visit my aunt I'll drop by and grab a t/o menu to post, but life could be so much easier...

            1. re: hill food

              hey only 6 weeks after the first post, but here's a scan of the t/o menu for Seoul Garden, apologies for the poor quality. when I have a scanner, I have lousy internet and when I have a strong connection, I don't have a scanner.

              I didn't eat there, but it smelled really really good..

              <edit> aww crap, double checked how this looks and it's mud. I have the basic (not dumbed down) scan on the hard drive and the next time I'm around WiFi I'll try to post again.

              other than the AYCE $20/pp grill, the usual suspects are in the $12-$20 range (although the hot pots can go as high as $40) lunch specials for $9

      2. re: alan

        It's actually not the former Shu Feng, as Shu Feng is still there. I went to Asian Kitchen last week. Still very good.

      3. Sorry to be so vague, but there was a spot on Olive St. Road in a strip mall ... lost the name ... but the same little corner as Gobblestop Smokehouse at Olive and Fee Fee. It's a funny strip that has two parts, one that faces east and another that faces south. I think it's still there - worth some exploration, though, as the food was good and the service pleasant if not affable.

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          Hangook Kwan Restaurant and Joo Joo is west of that in the same shopping center as Happy China. There aren't that many in St. Louis and any I have been to I liked what I had.

        2. Thanks everyone! I look forward to trying them out!

          1. Hi everyone;
            I went to Asian Kitchen last night and really enjoyed it, although my dining companion (more of a connoisseur than I) thought it was just alright. The festival of side dishes is pretty impressive!