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Nov 23, 2012 08:18 PM

Reasonably priced 12-qt. Stock Pot?

My husband would like a 12-qt. stock pot. We currently have an 8-qt. and it isn't big enough for some things we're doing in the kitchen -- applesauce (we make large batches and can it) and we'll also do soups and stocks in this pot as well.

We're in the midst of putting together a few pieces of All-Clad D5 cookware to replace some aging Calphalon... but the D5 12-qt. stock pot runs about $500 retail, which kind of gave me sticker shock. The irregular All-Clad 3-ply SS 12-qt. pot is runs $265 at Cookware N More; this seems much more reasonable. Do you think there would be a noticeable difference in performance between these two when thinking about soup/stock/applesauce?

It doesn't have to be All Clad (though I don't want Made In China); is there another SS brand I should be considering?

TIA for your input. :)

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  1. When they reviewed stockpots back in 2007, Cook's Country rated the "All-Clad Stainless 12-Quart Stock Pot" most highly, but their "Best Buy" was the "Cuisinart Chef's Classic Stainless 12-Quart Stock Pot"

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    1. re: drongo

      Here is the same Cuisinart pot with steamer and pasta insert...

    2. This is American made. You might be able to find it elsewhere for less.

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      1. re: dcrb

        Thank you; this looks like a nice one!

      2. Leaving aside the question of whether you need clad for stock pot, Tramontina tri-ply at Walmart for $219.97 (regular price $279.97) for a 10 piece set which includes a 12 qt. stock pot . Many feel the quality is in the same ballpark as All Clad. Buying a full price All Clad stock pot is a bad move in my opinion.

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          Realize you weren't talking about full price but rather irregulars. Ten years ago I was excited to get a 12" MC2 fry pan from Cookware N More for $90. Great pan and great company to buy from, but I still don't think I'd buy All Clad today, even discounted like that.

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            The Tramontina 12qt has been well recommended on other CH threads. Here's the link for it sold alone.

            1. re: andrewtree

              I have the Tramontina 12 qt triply stockpot. I really like it and can't imagine how the All Clad could cook my soups any better than my Tramontina.

            2. re: deglazer

              It doesn't say on their website whether Tramontina are made in China or somewhere else (I've seen Brazil quoted elsewhere?); I'll check it out next time I'm at Wally World. We used to not have Wallmarts around here, and now there are two within the last year...

              Thank you for your response!

              1. re: Madronatree

                I have the 1 1/2 quart saucepan and while a Brazilian company it is made in China and cooks extremely well. I would not hesitate to buy more, especially if you consider the price.

                But, it is a Chinese manufactured product. For several hundered dollars more, you can get a European made equivalent.

                1. re: Sid Post

                  When you've had cancer in your family, a few hundred dollars is completely worth not having to worry about things. :)

            3. If you have an Ikea store nearby, I recommend the Ikea-365 stockpot. It has a disk bottom and while we don't have the large pot, we do have the 3 and 5 quart pots and have never had anything scorch. Oh, the kettle is $40.


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              1. re: John E.

                I have that Ikea pot, but I don't think it's 12 quarts... maybe 10.5 quarts? I like it... especially for the price.

                1. re: drongo

                  Since this thread was revived, I think the $20 price for an 11 quart stockpot qualifies as a good answer to a reasonably priced 12 quart stockpot.

              2. If you are thinking for "sauces" apple,tomato etc,with a high sugar content EASY burn point,
                QUESTION is do you have the burner that would see a true step forward with a 12qt???I have more than one 12qt and or 8qt,99.9% or my recipes,applications are better suited in 2 8qt pots.
                AND I have the burners,size and extra or extra/extra low for any and everything.
                8qts fit under most spigots or in refrigerators,in any sink or dishwasher,will you measure to make sure the 12qt will.Is ONE 2XL pot really better than two XL pots? just asking?

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                1. re: lcool

                  Hmm - good question, and I don't know the answer. This is our stove (we have the 36")... what do you think?


                  When we do applesauce, we'd probably put both the 8 and the 12 on the stove at the same time, full of apples (MIL has apple trees).

                  1. re: Madronatree

                    JUST LOOKED AT YOUR RANGE TOP.... lovely and wonderful.
                    I also have an unlimited supply of what can be called fresh fruit,small farmer with like friends
                    get another 8qt,double up,work smart with the/an extra 8qt
                    a 12qt ,clad,insulated,in my experience won't give you a return to equal the cost $$ ,volume=weight=stir=fuel and most of all your time will be the same,,,not to mention the risk of burning when the pot gets that deep
                    I have a WOLF & THERMADORE in the house,for 2 - 48"ranges and induction for one,canning outside and I still wouldn't get another 12qt pot.I use my 8qts doubled or not 98% of the time