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Nov 23, 2012 07:57 PM

Visiting from NYC(First time in London) looking for recs/NYC comparisions.

Just landed in London yesterday. Here till Wednesday. Looked at the board, made a list please help!

Love Chinese(schezuan), offal, pho, game meat and Indian food.

This is the list:

-St. John's (As I love offal)
-Bone Daddies for Ramen(As I love ippudo)
-Bincho for Yakitori
-Banana bread at Salvation Jane for breakfast
-Master's Super Fish for fish and chips.

And maybe a few of the following?
White horse
The Harwood Arms

Looking for some good speak easy's(Ended up at Jubjub bar last night, enjoyed it)
Looking for good coffee spots (In NYC I enjoy Stumptown and Blue Bottle)
Looking for a good Chinese meal, preferably spicy.

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  1. I do like the White Horse for drinks. Dinner, eh. Sure. It's really more of a pub with excellent snacks though. The pork scratching are made in house and they are extremely good.

    Speak easy: The Nightjar on City Road

    Coffee: Federation in Brixton?

    Chinese: Number 10 Chinese Restaurant (Sichuan) or preferably Silk Road Restaurant as NYC no longer has a Xinjiang place. There's a Uighur place in Brighton, but the owners lived in Uzbekistan for too long so the food they produce is a bit different.

    Some Indian suggestions: Thattukada, Lahori Nihari, Paktoonkhwa Restaurant, Quilon.

    You'd also do well to make it to Brixton for the market and the restaurants in Brixton Village.

    1. As for your list: I would probably skip Bincho (as is so often said, London is not a Japanese food destination). I realize Masters gets lots of love here but I have never understood why - I find it sort of third-rate - for fish & chips I like the Fish! stall in Borough Market (not the restaurant - overpriced, not very good). For offal, Magdalen is very good. For game, probably Trinity in Clapham.

      1. Second Trinity, and No. 10 (had a few good meals there recently). Trinity's website says that they can do bespoke tasting menus, so it might be worthwhile to call ahead to arrange one to include whatever game they have that day.

        Having said that, the dry fried prawns with cumin, lotus root and potato (sorry can't remember name, listing ingredients) on the specials menu at Empress of Sichuan was fabulous. Could probably combine offal with Sichuan.

        Agree re: Bincho; Jin-Kichi is better (great torikawa/chicken skin). Anyone been to Tosa recently?

        I like the Golden Hind in Marylebone more than Masters Superfish, but haven't been to either recently.

        Definitely go to Sedap for their Nyona food and Mohsen for Iranian kebabs.

        Department of Coffee and Social Affairs
        Workshop Coffee

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        1. re: limster

          As always, Limster is dead-on re that prawn dish at Empress of Sichuan.

          I suppose a truly dedicated hound would do a two-course involving back-to-back meals at St John Hotel and E of S but I find such a thing unimaginable.

          1. re: thorazine

            Unimaginable without some whiskey or rum to wash it down. :)

        2. As others have said, Japanese is not London's strongest cuisine, and if you are coming from NYC you will likely leave disappointed by even the best here. also many of london's latest 'trendy' places serve up 2nd rate American food so avoid these.

          St John is a bit of a must, but you could perhaps also try Brawn - the namesake charcuterie dish is wonderful.

          speak-easies - Happiness Forgets is just fantastic. arrive early and sit at the bar. it's not flashy and low on gimmicks but the service, drinks, atmosphere and attention to detail cannot be beaten. i'd honestly go as far as to say it's my favourite cocktail bar in the world. I personally think Nightjar is a bit of a joke, but it has an impressive set up despite the misguided, OTT drinks list and the snooty service. Purl and the Whistling Stop are also great for inventive drinks - radiation aged cocktail, anyone?

          Coffee - I feel Monmouth at Borough is still London's finest. But Prufrock on Leather Lane is not far behind and the knowledge and personable staff there tend to have more time to talk about your drink whereas Monmouth is more hectic. St Ali/Workshop Coffee also do a superb cup and their food is also nice. Same goes for the two Caravan locations.

          Barrafina - i really like it - nice and simple. seafood dishes are always reliable here. But i also think Copita is worth a visit - slow cooked duck egg yolk and the ajo blanco - drool...