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Nov 23, 2012 07:35 PM

Pork loin sauce suggestions

I am going to make a pork loin stuffed with cream cheese/jalepeno, etc. I would like some suggestions for a sauce to serve with it. I am thinking a kind of a tomatey ceam sauce. I am mainly a recipe cook, not an inventive one. Your thoughts?

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  1. Romesco sauce: a thick and creamy sauce from Spain with warm flavours of red peppers and hazelnuts. Example here:
    Or Salsa Verde: a pungent sauce from Italy which goes with more or less all kinds of meat. Example here:

    1. I think Zoe is on the right track w/ Salsa Verde... I read somewhere about the complimentary relationship the flavors of Italian and Mexican have (especially jalapenos) and I've tended to agree. I think it was possibly saveur or cook's illustrated. Anyway, it stuck with me.

      I like your idea of cream cheese and jalapeno.. one of my new favorite pizza combos, heretical as it sounds, is pepperoni, cream cheese, pineapple and fresh jalapenos.

      So I was thinking that a pineapple based sauce would be great on your loin as well. Crushed pineapple, soy, brown sugar, fresh ginger, sesame oil, loads of garlic, pepper. Perhaps something acidic like lime juice or vinegar to balance.

      let us know what you do and how it turns out.