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Nov 23, 2012 07:17 PM

Simpson's in the Strand; worth a visit?

Will be spending a week in London in April and have always wondered whether the ambience and food at Simpson's is what I would want/expect. My reason for going would be these 2 factors and the history but if it is going to be too touristy ( I was not impressed by the photos on Trip Advisor of some guy in his baseball cap) I can surely find lots of other places. Wondering what London residents think of it?

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  1. It would be on my list of recs. for someone on a six month stay, but probably not for a one week visit. It is a large high ceilinged room and might be a bit quiet unless you go with a few pals. The food is first rate.

    Half the price and twice the atmosphere (almost chaotic sometimes) is The George & Vulture hidden away in The City. It's much more middle-market British than Simpsons, but it's where normal local office slaves like me go for lunch on payday.

    For British at the top end of the scale try Wilton's in Jermyn St. Take lots of money with you.

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      I went 2 years ago, and thought it was well past its sell-by date. Wiltons and Rules are sort of the same thing, but quite a bit fancier and probably better food (much better at Wiltons).

    2. If you think that you would like Simpsons, then you probably will. I was there for the first time a few weeks ago for a Sunday lunch and it was very enjoyable. There was a broad range of people there with many families, and didn't feel "touristy". The food was very good.

      1. Thanks for the rec for the George and Vulture. Had a most pleasant lunch there and as you said, the crowd is eclectic and city oriented to say the least!

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          Try doing breakfast at Simpson's on the Strand. I loved the atmosphere in there in the mornings. The Ten Deadly Sins and the smoked haddock kedgeree are very well done.