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Nov 23, 2012 06:04 PM

cheese combination for all cheese pizza

I love a good cheese pizza, sometimes it is more satisfying than one with lots of ingredients on it. I had a cheese pizza at a local pizza place that has a four cheese pizza: blue cheese, parmesan, smoked mozzerella and fontina. I'd love to recreate it or use another combination. My issue though is the correct balance of cheeses. I am open to all suggestions. With or without tomato sauce is ok.

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  1. I like mozz, muenster, romano, and parm. Not earth-shaking, but satisfying.

    1. for those 4 cheeses, just guessing and not based on practice, I would go 1/2 fontina, 1/4 smoked mozz, 1/8 parm, 1/8 blue.

      i think it'd be awesome, btw.

      one of my favorite pizzas when we make at home: olive oil, chopped garlic, mozz and blue cheese (love maytag for this). when it goes in the oven i put on raw walnut pieces (toasted ones would burn).. after it comes out I throw on fresh pears. A-to-the-Mazing.

      1. We like to use mozzarella, Parm, asiago & provolone. We also sometimes swap out the mozz for some fontina.

        1. i like good ricotta with smoked mozz and grated romano. chopped garlic and diced pepperoncini. no red sauce. plenty of cracked pepper and red pepper flakes when it comes out.