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Looking for Mission District Lunch Spots [San Francisco]

Looking to food tour the Mission District and looking for something unique for lunch. Not looking for burgers or sandwiches but something new and different. Mexican and Asian are OK but want to sit down and be comfortable not stand in line. Thanks in advance. Ciao!

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  1. What day of the week?
    My current favorite Mission lunch spot is Bar Tartine. Otherwise, St Francis is now doing one-pot lunches and is high on my list to try soon.

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        Yup. I did. It has clearly been one of those weeks. Anyway, I have not been yet, but friends report good things on the one-pot lunches.

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        Sorry I should have said we would be doing this on a Thursday afternoon. I know some of the places are only open for lunch on weekends.

      3. Poc-Chuc, Yucatan food and sit down service. It is a nice change from the hustle and bustle in the Mission this time of year.


        Also Limon Rotisserie is a nice sit down place. It is on South Van Ness


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        1. re: free sample addict aka Tracy L

          Second Poc-Chuc for homey Yucitan.

          Mission Chinese if you are in to experimental spicy Chinese.

        2. I recommend Wise Sons on 24th while there is a bit of a line sometimes.

          1. Salumeria might work, in spite of the fact that the menu features sandwiches and you order from the counter. There is a lot more to the menu, the sandwiches stand above, and the dining room is quite beautiful.

            Another thought: Local's Corner. I've only been for brunch, but the table service and interesting menu choices look like a good fit for you.

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              Salumeria's roast beef sandwich was heavenly. Unctuous, medium rare roast beef cooked in their smoker. The salumi sandwich paled in comparison.

              The gem salad needed some acidity for my taste.

              Their outdoor eating area is awesome on a nice day.

            2. Namu Gaji would be great for lunch. My fallback sit down lunch is Delfina Pizzeria. I think Local Mission Eatery is open for lunch as well.

              1. el trebol is probably my favorite nicaraguan restaurant and extremely close to 24th/mission BART - never a line but usually pretty full.

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                  Vulber - do you know? El Trebol closed (i know your post is a few months old). in its place is what looks to be a czech or german-ish sandwich cafe/type (sorry, just kinda whizzed by). haven't tried the new place.

                2. Try Dante's Weird Fish. Good seafood sandwiches and soups at a great value.

                  Third on Poc Chuc.

                  Haven't been back to Mau after the chef change, but it might be promising for straightforward Vietnamese.

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                    Just ate at Mau yesterday for the first time. It is DISMAL. With very uneven food and abysmal service, I hope their time on Valencia is short.

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                      mau is awful. that place won't last

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                        I've been back after the chef change, and thought the Pho Bo was respectable, but the Hu Tieu not as good as Tin. Service was pretty bad, like you said.

                        What did you order?

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                          I had the beef salad, which the waitress later admitted to me is the worst thing on the menu. The beef is basically gray and steamed, with tasteless and flabby white onion and no attempt at flavor balance. Gawd awful! My companion had a clay pot fish preparation that was okay, also expensive and very small portion, like a small snack. He had just about the same thing the next day on Irving St. and it was excellent. No, I will never darken their door again. It seems clear to me that they've known of their terrible service for months and have done nothing about it.

                    2. How about Gajalee --Indian Seafood. They have weird Lunch hours so you may want to check. + 1 for the KFC at Namu Gaji and for Local's Corner including their pastry

                      1. I've added Gallardos for pozole and albondigas, to my lunch rotation. FYI, they're moving to 18th St on 5/12/13.

                        Also, El Metate serves a really well executed torta. I always get it with fried fish, but you can also get chicken milanese or carnitas. Good quality, toasted bread, perfectly fried protein, and a side of chicken soup!

                        1. Rosamunde Sausage Grill is excellent. Offers a great variety of sausages, casual and comfortable, lots of beers.

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                            Rosamunde is great. Love getting lunch here.

                            Old Jerusalem makes the best middle eastern food I've had in a long time. Dishes to try: kayala, shish taouk, qudsiah, mousakhan.

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                              Rosamunde is awesome if you want extremely overpriced food and can't pay with a card. We do like going to Rosamunde, but I find those two aspects of the place really unpleasant.

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                                Not sure how it's overpriced. I usually get a sausage plate, which for $10 means a pretty good-sized sausage plus beans and a nice salad. Sausages on a roll are $6 with two toppings.

                                To me it's one of the more reasonably priced dining spots in the city.

                          2. I've had lunch at Fiore Caffé on 24th & Guerrero several times -- really lovely food & atmosphere (sit-down, no wifi!)

                            I also like Rosamunde, Old Jerusalem, and Delfina, mentioned elsewhere in this thread.