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Nov 23, 2012 05:18 PM

Rump roast?

I do a killer chuck roast, but I have been afraid to do anything more due to the price. Can I do a rump roast similiar to the chuck? Like in a slow cooker? Will it come out tender and juicy?

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  1. I did a recipe which I found on Ezra Pound Cake website for pot roast (ina garten recipe). Yes the price for the rump roast was reasonable. After two hours oven baking 160 degrees, I found the meat very tender and there was a lot of gravy. There was a similar recipe on Saveur for the slow cooker.

    1. Rump, or Bottom Round, is not a very tender piece of there is very little marbling in the beef cut. Are you looking to make this into a Pot Roast only....or considering it as a roast beef as well? If for the latter, then I would say it's not a good choice unless you have a machine slicer that would enable you to make very thin cuts for sandwich meat......assuming you like your meat cooked less than well done.