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Nov 23, 2012 05:12 PM

Bacon birthday meal....dessert?

I am making a meal for my SO for his birthday. Have decided to make it very bacon centric, since he loves the stuff and feels it truly makes everything better (I tend to agree).

On the menu is crostini with brie and bacon, onion jam. Carbonara main, with side salad with bacon crumble.

I know I could come up with some fun bacon inspired dessert, however his all time favourite dessert and a must every year is Black Forest Cake. He will not let me stray from this (he doesn't know about the bacon theme).

Can anyone think of a useful, yummy way to get bacon in a Black Forest cake without ruining it, but also being able to tell it is in there? My only thought was candied bacon in some of the whipped cream. I have to admit, I really cannot imagine it, and don't want to mess with it just for the sake of putting bacon in it.

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  1. The Riviera Club just outside of San Diego (in La Mesa, I think,) makes a decadent chocolate cake with bacon in it. There might be a recipe floating around on the net somewhere.

    1. If you are worried about compromising the deliciousness of the cake, how about a candied bacon/dried cherry chocolate bark that can be applied to the top or side of cake as decor? Alternately, a bacon custard sauce can be served on the side (or made in to ice cream).

      1. I wouldn't mess with the cake, esp. if this is something your BF considers it one of his all time favorites.

        Instead, I would serve with it some Candied Bacon Ice Cream to pair with that Black Forest Cake.

        See here for inspiration:

        1. You could make bacon brittle, either as a garnish for on the cake or just an accompaniment to it.

          1. I echo ipsedixit's comments and would likely not mess w his favourite dessert. Instead I'd consider serving a sweet little bacon treat alongside. Recently I dipped crispy bacon slices in good quality dark chocolate that I'd melted and added a little aleppo pepper to. These turned out great.

            If you truly have your heart set on incorporating it into the cake then here's what I'd do. Most Black Forest Cakes that I've seen have an outer ring of grated chocolate on the top of the cake or as a centre ring. Why not supplement the grated chocolate w chocolate coated bacon bits?