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Nov 23, 2012 04:34 PM

Shogun Ramen - Of all places, Richmond Hill??!!!!!

I was driving north along Yonge, north of Major Mackenzie, when, out of the corner of my eye I noticed a place with a really small store front and a neon open sign flashing. To my amazement, its a Japanese Ramen noodle house name 'Shogun'!! Has anyone been??!
Man!! The number of Ramen places opening up around town is becoming epidemic proportion!!

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  1. Apparently it's supposed to be decent and probably the best for an uptown optionn but not quite the quality of sansotei.
    The broth is cooked for 48 hrs .
    There's an article on post city.

    1. Just tried them out tonight. Korean owned and operated.
      Tonkatsu Ramen at $9.95 a bowl. Very good milky and flavorful broth, decent not too al dente noodles, 3 thick slices of rather fatty and chewy Char Siu, nicely cooked eggs. All in all, an acceptable product for Richmond Hill. In fact, better value and taste than the $14 Momofuku Ramen. At least closer to home and no need for me to drive down to Kenzo on Yonge & Steeles for decent Ramen.